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“To develop successful partnerships by creating and delivering the best quality, value, product, and service every day!”

All Automation Modules (AAM) Marketplace is Africa’s leading online Marketplace for Industrial and Home Automation spares and equipment, owned by All Auto Modules Inc.(RB:3040857) in Nigeria.  We are a dedicated one-stop online mall where our clients can find, buy and also sell excess industrial automation parts as quickly as possible. We deliver the latest Automation technology spares and equipment, combined with excellent customer service that caters to customer needs across diverse industries.  

AAM has reviewed its operation strategies to make a difference in the area of Africa Industrial Development Project(AIDP) and the life of Equipment and Facilities owners, who depend on our brands to deliver comfort and style.

Product innovation, quality, value, and flexibility are the cornerstones that contribute to our success.

And this pronounces our mission:

“To develop successful partnerships by creating and delivering the best quality, value, product, and service every day!”

Where we are Leading…..
 AAM Marketplace is a full-service provider platform for Spares and equipment related to Industrial, Safety, Offices and Home Automation. In which Equipment Manufacturers, Industrial Spares Vendors, Equipment Maintenance Specialist, Industrial Product Marketers and Advertisers, Facilities and Security Services Providers, Buyers and Clients meet on a digital platform  meet to find, buy, market and sell their products and Maintenance services to their target customers:

  1. Equipment Manufacturers, – We form a business partner with you and we sell your product directly on our Web. We provide brand awareness for your products. We have the best professional platform for Equipment Maintenance Specialists (EMS).
  2. Industrial Spares Vendors – Our platform provides the opportunity to access the quality and high precission stock of spares online. We increase your capacities through our large pool of our web users.
  3. Equipment Maintenance Specialist (EMS) – Our platform provides an opportunity to showcase the skills and experience, be reached and to open trust and reliable maintenance contract with clients at ease. 
  4. Industrial Product Marketers and Advertisers – Our platform provides an opportunity to showcase both new and existing brands to the millions of buyers presently on our web. 
  5. Facilities and Security Services Providers – Our platform provides opportunities to companies dealing in Building and Security Automation, measuring and energy distribution business.  
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